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  • Carl Perna

I Guarantee It - no I don't - here's why...

I am always surprised when people ask me if my products are guaranteed to work. Why am I surprised? I always try to present my products with truthful information. One thing that I make clear is that Septic Perc and Mega Bio when used together in a Combo Shock treatment are successful 90% of the time. That’s one out of ten users who will be disappointed. The Combo Shock treatment is a tool not a magic bullet. There is no such thing.

Septic system problems cover a wide range of possibilities from broken underground pipes to root intrusion to just plain being too old. Septic systems have a lifespan of about 30 years. That’s not to say that some systems, if well built and maintained, will not last for much longer. I have customers with working systems that are 50 years and older. The septic system on my own property is well over thirty years old and still going strong.

It helps to apply Septic Perc every six months especially if the soil your system is built in has any amount of clay in it. Clay soil forms hardpan, which is a barrier to soil absorption. Septic Perc is especially useful in this type of soil.

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