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Being Earth Aware

Why is it important to use eco-friendly products?

Using eco-friendly products to restore drainage to septic systems has several benefits for the environment and the system itself.

Eco-friendly products are typically made from natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the septic system or leach into the surrounding soil and water sources. This reduces the risk of contamination and pollution, which can harm wildlife and humans who use these resources.

Our eco-friendly product Mega Bio is designed to break down organic matter and eliminate blockages in the system. It contains enzymes and bacteria that naturally decompose waste and restore proper drainage to the system. This helps to prevent backups and clogs, which can cause costly repairs and damage to the septic system.

Our second eco-friendly product is Septic Perc®. The chemicals in Septic Perc® degrade or break down through hydrolysis, which is a chemical reaction with water that breaks down the compound into its components.

In the case of Septic Perc®, hydrolysis breaks it down into calcium and sulfate ions, both naturally occurring in the environment. This process occurs relatively quickly in aqueous environments such as septic drain fields and water bodies.

Overall, the breakdown of Septic Perc® in the environment is a complex process that involves a variety of physical and biological factors. However, it is generally considered to be a relatively safe compound with low toxicity and minimal environmental impact.

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