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Is Your Septic System Drain Field Failing?

  • Puddles or a septic odor in your backyard?

  • Water backing up into household drains?

  • Pumper told you to replace your leach field?

Your septic system may be suffering from DRAIN FIELD FAILURE

Don't Dig Up Your Septic System Before Trying Septic Perc

Don't Give Up! We Can Help!

Before You Dig Up Your Drain Field, Try Septic Perc®

Did You Know?

Over 90% of septic system problems begin in the drain field soil

Almost all septic system designs rely on the ability of the drain field, or leach field soil to absorb water. When drain field soil fails water backs up into the house or forms puddles in the yard over the flooded drain field.


Sometimes a septic odor will be noticeable indicating a septic problem. 


Another telltale sign of a failing drain field is when septic tank pumpers see water returning to the tank from the field after they’ve pumped the tank. This is a sure indicator of drain field failure because the soil is no longer absorbing water.


When the drain field floods, the beneficial bacteria that live in the drain field die off causing a buildup of organic material that causes clogged drainpipes and soil pores. Additionally, soil containing clay can turn into hardpan causing drain field failure.

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Replace or Restore Your Drain Field or Leach Field


Replacing a Septic Drain Field

Replacement cost varies according to the size of the drain field or leach field, local soil type, and the cost of local permits. The average could run from $5,000 to $20,000 for drain field replacement. It is the most expensive component of the septic system.

A new drain field will often require a new site. Is there room in your yard for a new septic drain field?


Combo Shock Drain Field Treatment

Our Combo Shock drain field treatment restores the soil. The Combo treatment can restore drainage to drain field soil in over 90% of applications. Septic Perc® opens the soil in hard-pan conditions and clay soil, while Mega Bio reduces the bio-mat, restores drainage, and restores balance to the natural beneficial bacteria; a powerful 2-pronged attack.

Our Family of Products

We have been providing high-quality septic system products to homeowners since 1999.

Septic Perc Drainfield Restoration

Septic Perc ®

Eco-friendly drain field restoration

Septic Perc ® is designed to restore drainage to septic system drainage soil. This eco-friendly septic system soil treatment can repair septic systems when drain field soil problems are the primary cause of septic system failure.

Combo Shock Septic Drainfield Treatment

Combo SHOCK Treatment

The Combo SHOCK treatment can restore drainage to drain field soil in over 90% of applications. 4 Gallons of Septic Perc ® opens the soil in hard-pan conditions and clay soil, while an 8-ounce treatment of industrial-grade Mega Bio reduces the bio-mat, restores drainage, and helps to balance the natural beneficial bacteria; a powerful 2-pronged attack.​ If you want to be sure you are using the best available treatment for your drain field and leach field problems, use them together.

Mega Bio Septic Treatment

Mega Bio

Industrial-grade bacteria formula

Mega Bio is a bacteria product designed to digest grease and organic matter that collects in the septic system drain field. It reduces the bio-mat and helps restore drainage to drain field soil while reinforcing the natural beneficial bacteria. Compare our product to other advertised products and you will find that Mega Bio is superior to most in bacteria count and quality and is value priced. If your problem is caused by grease and gunk in the drain field this is the right product to use.

Septic System Tune-Up Kit

Tune-up Kit

The Tune-up kit contains one gallon of Septic Perc and one 8 oz. treatment of Mega Bio. To reduce solids buildup in septic tanks and to maintain drainage in difficult soil, apply a tune-up once a year.

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Here's What Others Have to Say

Five Star Rating

Three years ago, we were having seepage from our leach field and distribution box. Partly it was due to requiring a new distribution box so we replaced the box, but the seepage in the leach field was still there. We purchased this Septic Perc and the Mega Bio and treated the septic system with it. A couple of weeks after treatment, we saw an improvement to the leach field. Every year since then, we've added a gallon of Septic Perc to our septic system and we have had no problems at all with our septic. When we get our septic pumped every year, we get glowing reports from the service company that our septic tank and leach field are perfect! This product saved us $10,000 from replacing the septic system and we are forever grateful!!

L.G.O. Bellingham, WA

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