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How to use Septic Perc and Mega Bio to enhance your bottom line

Septic Perc Eco-friendly soil treatment

Septic Perc and Mega Bio are Eco-friendly products designed specifically for remediation of hardpan soil conditions. The combination of chemical and biological remedies works well in all septic field environments, providing a two-pronged attack on failing septic field soil. Our ongoing customer surveys show that the Combo Shock treatment is successful in at least 90% of applications to failing fields where the cause of failure is clogged drainage bed soil.

In a survey of our current commercial customers we found these common uses of Septic Perc and Mega Bio

  1. Drain field rejuvenation.​

    1. Severely damaged drain fields can be restored by a Pump – Jet – Treat procedure consisting of cleaning the lateral lines by pressure wash (Hydro Jet) then applying four gallons of Septic Perc.

    2. Failing drain fields and leach beds can be restored to receive and process effluent by the use of our Combo Shock treatment, which consists of four gallons of Septic Perc and eight ounces of Mega Bio applied directly to the soil through a distribution box, tank outlet or pump station.

  2. Maintenance

    1. Many septic service companies offer scheduled maintenance.

    2. Periodic septic tank pumping and system inspection

    3. Bi annual application of Septic Perc made directly to the drain field.

      Establish a subscription service for your customers scheduling a one gallon application to their septic system every six months.

    4. Commercial and multi-unit residential systems on routine maintenance schedules where applications of 20 gallons or more of Septic Perc are performed bi-annually or as needed.

By offering preplanned scheduled maintenance, your business is assured of a steady work flow, which can be integrated into your daily on-call routine.

Mega Bio bacteria soil treatment

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