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  • Carl Perna


Most septic system owners know it is necessary to have your septic tank pumped regularly to ensure it works properly and efficiently. However, not all septic system problems can be prevented, and you need to know the signs that septic system trouble is imminent. Be on the lookout for these four indicators that your septic system needs maintenance.

Bad Odor

Is there a foul odor in your backyard or around your home? This is a sign that your septic system needs service. The septic system takes in wastewater from the house, and if your tank is not able to dispose of the waste in the leach field, or is full, it will release a bad odor. If the smell is especially bad around the area where your septic system lies, it’s time to call in professionals for a system inspection.

Sewage Backed Up

Signs of septic tank trouble can become evident in your house. if the tank is too full, you may hear your indoor pipes make gurgling sounds. You may smell septic odors inside the house, even with your windows closed. Worse, sewage may back up into your plumbing. Your toilet may be harder to flush, or waste may be coming back up through the pipes. Sewage could even back up in your sinks or your bathtub. Be sure to contact your septic system professional at once to deal with this problem.

Slow Indoor Plumbing Drainage

In a properly working septic system, wastewater flows through household drains with no trouble, but there could be a problem if the water is not draining as fast as it should. If your tank is having drainage problems, it may cause corresponding trouble with your indoor plumbing.

Puddling Water

A puddle or soggy ground over the septic system site is a sure sign of septic system failure. When leach field drainage is obstructed by grease, vegetation roots, hardpan soil, or biomat overgrowth water will surface causing puddling.


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