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SEPTIC PERC ® is not a smelly calcium polysulfide product. It is a new Eco-friendly formula, which is safer to use and has no unpleasant rotten egg odor or caustic pH like the calcium polysulfide products you'll find on Amazon. Try it - it works and you can take pride in using an Earth friendly product to restore drainage and maintain a healthy septic system. 

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DID YOU KNOW? Over 90% of septic system problems begin in the drain field soil


Almost all septic system designs rely on the ability of the drain field soil to absorb water. When drain field soil fails water backs up into the house or forms puddles in the yard over the flooded drain field.


Sometimes a septic odor will be noticeable indicating a septic problem. 


Another telltale sign of a failing drain field is when septic tank pumpers see water returning to the tank from the field after they’ve pumped the tank. This is a sure indicator of drain field failure  because the soil is no longer absorbing water. When the drain field floods the beneficial bacteria that live in the drain field die off causing a buildup of organic material that causes clogged drainpipes and soil pores.

Clay soil causes hardpan soil and hardpan soil causes drain field failure.

Septic system service companies may want to replace your septic drain field, but don’t dig up your backyard before trying our new eco-friendly and pleasant smelling product, Septic Perc. And in severely damaged drain fields use our Combo SHOCK Treatment to restore septic system soil.

SEPTIC PERC ® drain field treatment

Septic Perc ® is designed to restore drainage to septic system drainfield soil. This eco-friendly septic system treatment can repair septic systems when drainfield soil problems are the primary cause of septic system failure.  Septic Perc combines well-proven ideas with innovative technology to make an eco-friendly chemical formula that will restore percolation and relieve drainfield failure. To restore drainfield soil and leach field soil even in hardpan conditions try Septic Perc. It is safer to use than the old style calcium polysulfide products all of which have a foul odor and a caustic pH.

Mega Bio TM industrial-strength septic system bacteria product

Mega Bio is a bacteria product designed to digest grease and gunk that collects in the septic system drainfield. It reduces the bio mat and helps restore drainage to drain field soil while reinforcing the natural beneficial bacteria. Compare our product to other advertised products and you will find that Mega Bio is superior to most in bacteria count and quality and is value priced. If your problem is caused by grease and gunk in the drain field this is the right product to use.


Our combo shock drain field treatment restores the soil

The Combo treatment can restore drainage to drainfield soil in over 90% of applications. Septic Perc opens the soil in hardpan conditions and clay soil, while Mega Bio reduces the bio mat, restores drainage and reinforces the natural beneficial bacteria; a powerful 2-pronged attack.

​There is no single product available that will solve all septic system drainfield problems, but our COMBO treatment will come close. In laboratory tests and field trials Septic Perc performed as well or better than older style products at opening soil in hardpan conditions and clay soil. Mega Bio is the best biological septic system treatment available at a value price. While Septic Perc restores percolation to the soil, Mega Bio goes to work eating gunk from the drain pipes and soil -- a powerful 2-pronged attack. If you want to be sure you're using the best available treatment for your drain field problem, use them together.

Septic system drain field repair
Mega Bio bacterial septic system treatment
4 gallons of Septic Perc & One 8 oz. treatment of Mega Bio
Member of the BBB

Eco-friendly products prevent or reduce contributions to air, water and land pollution. You can engage in eco-friendly habits or practices by being more conscious of how you use resources and carefully choosing the products that you use.

Other similar products are marketed as safe and environmentally friendly but one look at the warnings on their labels and you will be convinced otherwise.

Septic Perc is labeled eco-friendly because it reduces chemical contributions in the air, water and on land. We are proud to manufacture a product that is earth-friendly and encourage our customers to engage in eco-friendly habits by carefully choosing products (like ours!) that are good for the earth and our surrounding environment.

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Five star rating for Septic Perc

5.0 out of 5 stars
A truly great product that save us thousands!
ByLGIOon May 4, 2016
Verified Purchase

Three years ago, we were having seepage from our leachfield and distribution box. Partly it was due to requiring a new distribution box so we replaced the box, but the seepage in the leachfield was still there. We purchased this Septic Perc and the Mega Bio and treated the septic system with it. A couple of weeks after treatment, we saw an improvement to the leachfield. Every year since then, we've added a gallon of Septic Perc to our septic system and we have had no problems at all with our septic. When we get our septic pumped every year, we get glowing reports from the service company that our septic tank and leachfield are perfect! This product saved us $10,000 from replacing the septic system and we are forever greatful!!

5.0 out of 5 stars
As a lay person you never really know about this ...
ByAngon January 28, 2015
Verified Purchase

As a lay person you never really know about this kind of product, but I've been using Septic Perc for a few years now and it seems to be working as advertised. I use it to maintain a septic system is over 25 years old and still functioning well.

Septic Perc is rated five stars


Returning customers say...


Just wanted to let you know that I purchased your product out of desperation 10 years ago.  Our septic field was a large puddle.  HOWEVER, your product WORKED and restored our septic field back to normal.   I recently had a small puddle above our septic tank and realized that it was time to pump our tank.  I recalled the results I had ten years ago and decided to retreat as a precaution (even though field looks good).  

I always wanted to let you know of my success .....but time has a way of getting away from us.  So today while ordering again I though I should let you know of my success using your product.




Return customer!


Carlos G.

Pipe Creek, TX

June 2018

Going on three months now since using Septic Perc and the riser to the tank lid is absolutely DRY! A condition that has not occurred for a LONG time. Thank you Carl for answering my questions/concerns personally! You have developed a great product.

David M.

About Mega Bio
Septic Perc is rated five stars

5.0 out of 5 stars


By Amanda on August 29, 2016

Verified Purchase

Opened the tank and it's still just water after using this for 3 years!!! Awesome stuff

An unvarnished opinion

As a commercial property owner of over 50 residential units and two restaurants all on septic, I have seen more than my fair share of scary septic issues. I have been using Mega Bio more than any other product for many years now, and I continue to do so because I have gotten great results for most issues. We use it on all systems, large and small, as a basic preventive maintenance, and in conjunction with other things when facing bigger problems. There are cheaper products out there but I do not use them. A product that works is well worth the price. Simply put, Mega Bio is the single most effective product that I have found. Disclosure: I was given a discount on a bulk purchase for writing this testimonial, which represents my unvarnished opinion. 



Eric R.
Simi Valley, CA