As a commercial property owner of over 50 residential units and two restaurants all on septic, I have seen more than my fair share of scary septic issues. I have been using Mega Bio more than any other product for many years now, and I continue to do so because I have gotten great results for most issues. We use it on all systems, large and small, as a basic preventive maintenance, and in conjunction with other things when facing bigger problems. There are cheaper products out there but I do not use them. A product that works is well worth the price. Simply put, Mega Bio is the single most effective product that I have found. Disclosure: I was given a discount on a bulk purchase for writing this testimonial, which represents my unvarnished opinion. 

Eric R.
Simi Valley, CA .

An unvarnished opinion from a long-time user.

Have used this product for a couple of years now.  Has eliminated all septic system issues!

Deauna L.
Millington, TN

Works for me

I flip houses and the last order I made back in March worked beautifully, so far we haven't had a problem with the drain field. I am working on another house now and supposedly ....we need another "new drain field" per the professionals. Again, I'm going to give your product a try and hopefully have great results again.

Can you get this out for me today? Its always an emergency with this kind of a problem.
Let me know,

Rachelle S

Hi Carl, I'm ordering from you again

Thank You!

for a wonderful new product. I really didn’t think it was going to work, it smelled too good but you saved us from having to replace our leach field. The last time we had it pumped water was coming back into the tank and the pump guy told us it looked like the field had failed. We searched on Google and found Septic Perc. We usually prefer “green” products when we can find ones that work and yours did. We added 4 gallons like your instructions say and haven’t had a problem since. Thank you for saving my back yard from the backhoe and saving us a lot of money too. I will be recommending your product to our neighbors if they have a problem like ours.

Grace C.

Bellingham, WA

Thank you

A homeowner, living in an environmentally sensitive area in Central California, called PSTS, Inc. – Peninsula Septic Tank Service, about a septic system problem after noticing smelly puddles in the yard.

Upon inspection, the technician found the septic tanks were full of water as were the drain lines outside. The distribution box was full and not draining. Replacing the leach fields would be prohibited by new county rules. The cost of a self-treating system would be upward of $30,000. The customer did not want jetting or any other process performed.

It was decided to pump the tank and drain fields and apply a shock treatment of 4 gallons of Septic Perc Eco-friendly Drain Field Treatment directly to the drain field.

After two weeks, water on top of the field was gone and the d-box was at a normal level. After four months customer’s septic tanks and field have not required any further pumping.

Septic Perc in environmentally sensitive area

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