Size Matters

West Wind Marketing has been in the business of rejuvenating failing septic drain fields since 1999. We have seen products come and go, some good, some not so much.

Buyer Beware are words to live by, especially when buying items on the internet that you have not actually seen in person.

We just learned of a competitor who is selling a similar product to ours (old style, smelly, caustic calcium polysulfide) but presenting it in a 32 ounce jug that, on Amazon, looks just like a gallon. It says 32 ounces on the label, and it says the cost is $1.34 per ounce, but you’d better look closely to find it. It comes with free shipping, but by the time you buy four quarts of this stuff you’ve spent over $160.00 for a gallon. WHAT!?

Eco-friendly pleasant smelling Septic Perc ® comes with free shipping and costs $59 a gallon or $0.46/oz.

So, I say again BUYER BEWARE. Don’t make a mistake by believing everything you see on the Internet.

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