Adding Bacteria Products to the Septic Tank

Many septic system owners fall prey to the commercials seen on TV where a backhoe is digging up a backyard to replace a septic system. The advertiser suggests that regular use of their product will prevent future problems such as they're portraying.

Just to set the record straight, I would like to submit the following information taken from The National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC), which currently helps America's small communities and individuals solve their wastewater problems. The program provides objective information about onsite wastewater collection and treatment systems.

There are over 1200 additive products on the market today.

The beneficial effects of biological additives on the septic system are still being debated, but two benefits may ultimately be identified. Based on available literature, enzymatic products might have the ability to reduce the amount of oil and grease in the septic tank. Second, under bacterial "die-off" conditions, slight reductions in the amount of effluent solids have been achieved by using additives

Often, manufacturers of biological additives market their use to restore the bacterial balance in a septic tank on a monthly basis as a part of a routine maintenance program. This is not necessary because these bacteria already reside in human feces

No product will allow a homeowner to escape a regular septic tank pumping and maintenance schedule.

Research suggests that some biological (septic tank) additives may increase the biological activity to the point where excess solids can be carried into the soil absorption system. This occurs when anaerobic decomposition of solids causes the formation of methane gas. As they rise, bubbles push solids up from the settled portion of the septic tank. Ultimately, this may lead to solids "carryover" to the soil absorption system where clogging can ensue.

The National Small Flows Clearinghouse

Based on this information, we do not recommend adding our bacteria product, Mega Bio, to the tank on a regular basis. Our product is intended to be applied directly to the drainage soil, usually after a treatment of Septic Perc. Using our products together provides a two-pronged attack on leach field soil addressing the problems of grease and gunk clogging the system as well as sodium bonding, which occurs in soils that have a clay content or a clay layer below the surface of the earth.

More about sodium bonding in my next post.

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