What is lime-sulfur and how is it used in the drain field?

There are a number of products on the market that are designed to restore absorption ability to septic system drainage soils especially in soils containing clay. These products are made from various formulas containing lime-sulfur as an ingredient. However, all lime-sulfur products are not the same.

I sell the original lime-sulfur product: Drayner's Septic Seep. It was invented in the lab of Chevron Ortho back in 1953. Its active ingredients contain calcium polysulfide and a surfactant to help the chemical penetrate the bio mat and reach the drainage soil.

Combining calcium polysulfide with a surfactant is not simple. It's not a matter of just mixing chemicals together and putting them in a jug. There is a somewhat complicated process required to get the parts to combine.

Other calcium polysulfide products have appeared on the market more recently as knock offs of the original Septic Seep formula. The quality of the products and the presence of a surfactant in these knock offs is questionable. All of these products, including Septic Seep, have a high pH and a nasty odor.

In 2012 my company, West Wind Marketing, began selling our own brand of septic system drain field restoration product. Septic Perc is also a lime-sulfur formula. However, unlike the older products, its proprietary formula is eco-friendly, possessing a neutral pH and a pleasant odor. It's easier and safer to use and works as well as the old style products and it is competitively priced.

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