Power Jetting Machine

Hydrojetting or power-rodding of septic field lines is sometimes proposed as an alternative to replacing a failing septic drain field. The process involves inserting a high-pressure stream of water into the septic field line to clear any obstructions.


If your company offers this service, why not add a follow-up treatment of Septic Perc to insure the recovery of the drain field soil?

What can your company do with the Pump, Jet & Treat plan?

Treating severely failing drain fields with the Pump, Jet & Treat (PJ&T) plan gives your customers an alternative to costly and disruptive drain field replacement. Our associated septic service company can trace a 12% increase in PJ&T contracts since offering it as a package to customers needing drain field remediation. The drain field recovery success rate using PJ&T is above 90%. Wholesale pricing is available to business customers.